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Tile Roofing


At Rain Remodeling, we have an honest, reputable, and experienced team that has completed thousands of roofing projects throughout Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties and southwestern PA.
Whether yours is a classic or modern architectural design, tiles enhance your roof and deliver great curb appeal.


Tile roofing is both eye-catching and incredibly durable. It delivers the benefits of slate roofing while adding more choices in shapes and color. Tiles can be curved, fluted, flat, or interlocking, and all styles of tile are great protection against our region’s increase in heavy rains and sudden downpours.

Also like slate, when a homeowner invests in a tile roof, it’s usually the last roof they will ever have to buy.

Longevity is a big reason for choosing tile. A tile roof can last for a century or more. Tile is non-combustible, making your roof fire resistant. Unlike asphalt roofing, tile doesn’t absorb water, making it naturally ice and mold resistant too. Wind, weather, and hail are no problem for tile.

Tile brings a classic beauty to your home. Greece, Italy, and the Mediterranean countries are famous for their use of tile. Whether yours is a classic or modern architectural design, tiles enhance your roof and deliver great curb appeal. Today, tile roofing is available in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to select just the right look and feel your home deserves.

While your initial investment in a tile roof is higher than asphalt, the overall cost of tile is a good buy, as it typically needs little repair and easily outlasts two asphalt roofs.


Like slate roofing, tile is heavy, and not all homes have the structural support necessary to accommodate a tile roof.

Tile roofing is difficult and labor intensive to install. Technique and experience are important to the successful application of a tile roof.  That is why you need a seasoned tile roof installer to ensure that your investment is handled properly.

At Rain Remodeling, we have completed slate roofing jobs for homes, businesses and churches. Our expert tile roofing crews and project managers are honest, experienced and reliable. We guarantee your satisfaction.

When you call Rain Remodeling, it’s about our family helping yours. Let’s see what we can do to put the roof on the house that keeps your family safe, warm, and dry.